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Terms & Privacy 


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Questions and Comments:

If you have any questions or comments about the above terms and conditions, please contact us at info@farrerhuxley.co.uk.

How your personal information is used by Farrer Huxley LImited

Data Protection Law Changed on 25 May 2018:

This policy sets out most of your rights under the new laws.

Your information will be held by Farrer Huxley Limited.

How We Use Your Personal Information:

This privacy notice is to let you know how Farrer Huxley Associates will look after your personal information. This includes what you tell us about yourself, and the choices you give us about what marketing you want us to send you. This notice explains how we do this, tells you about your privacy rights and how the law protects you.

Our Privacy Promise:

We promise to:

  • Keep your data safe and private.

  • Never sell your data.

  • Give you ways to manage and review your marketing choices at any time.

How The Law Protects You:

As well as our Privacy Promise, your privacy is protected by law. This section explains how that works.

The Data Protection law says that we are allowed to use personal information only if we have a valid reason to do so. This includes sharing it outside Farrer Huxley Limited. The law says we must have one or more of these reasons:

  • To fulfil a contract we have with you, or

  • When it is our legal duty, or

  • When it is in our legitimate interest, or

  • When you consent to it.

A legitimate interest is when we have a business or commercial reason to use your information. But even then, it must not unfairly go against what is right and best for you. If we rely on our legitimate interests, we will tell you what that is.

Legal Basis for Processing Data at Farrer Huxley Limited:

Here is a list of all the ways that we may use your personal information, and which of the reasons we rely on to do so. The law says we must have one or more of these reasons:

  • Consent: Where you agree to us using your information in this way.

  • Contract: Your personal information is processed in order to fulfil a contractual arrangement.

  • Legal Obligation: Where there is statutory or other legal requirement to share the information.

  • Legitimate Interests: This means the interests of Farrer Huxley Limited in managing our business to allow us to deliver our service in the most secure and appropriate way.

Types of Personal Information:

We use different types of personal information, and group them together like this.

  • Contact Information: Your name, contact details, including e.g. your email and phone number.

  • Billing Details: Details about your fees and payments to and from you.

  • Communications: What we learn about you from letters and emails you write to us, and conversations between us.

  • Consents: Any permissions, consents or preferences that you give us. This includes for example how you want us to contact you, whether you have opted into receiving central communications.

Where We Collect Personal Information From:

We may collect personal information about you (or your business) from other companies within the Farrer Huxley Limited Group and from these sources:

Data you give to us:

  • When you talk to us on the phone or in person.

  • When you use our websites.

  • When you give us your business card.

  • In emails and letters.

Data We Collect When You Use Our Services:

This includes the amount, frequency, type, location, origin and recipients:

  • Payment and transaction data.

  • Usage data. We gather this data from devices you use to connect to those services, such as computers and mobile phones, using cookies and other internet tracking software.

Data from third parties we work with:

  • Companies or individuals that introduce you to us.

  • Insurers.

  • Social networks.

  • Pensions Providers.

  • Statutory, regulatory or government agencies (such as HMRC and Companies House.)

If You Choose Not to Give Personal Information:

We may need to collect personal information by law, or under the terms of a contract we have with you as a client of ours.

If you choose not to give us this personal information, it may delay or prevent us from meeting our obligations. It could mean that we cannot provide the service you have bought from us.

Any data collection that is optional will be made clear at the point of collection.

How Long we Keep Your Personal Information:

We will keep your personal information for as long as you are a client.

We will always make sure that your privacy is protected and only use it for contacting you directly.

How to Get a Copy of Your Personal Information:

You can access the personal information we hold on you by emailing us at info@farrerhuxley.co.uk or writing to us at this address:

Farrer Huxley Limited
Discovery House
28-42 Banner Street
London EC1Y 8QE

Letting us Know if Your Personal Information is Incorrect:

You have the right to question any information we have about you that you think is wrong or incomplete. Please contact us if you want to do this.

If you do, we will take reasonable steps to check its accuracy and correct it.

What if you Want us to Stop Using your Personal Information?

You have the right to object to our use of your personal information, or to ask us to delete, remove, or stop using your personal information if there is no need for us to keep it. This is known as the ‘right to object’ and ‘right to erasure’, or the ‘right to be forgotten’.

There may be legal or other official reasons why we need to keep or use your data. Please tell us if you think that we should not be using it.

We may sometimes be able to restrict the use of your data. This means that it can only be used for certain things, such as legal claims or to exercise legal rights. In this situation, we would not use or share your information in other ways while it is restricted.

If you want to object to how we use your data, or ask us to delete it or restrict how we use it, please contact us.

How to Withdraw your Consent:

You can withdraw your consent at any time. Please contact us if you want to do so.
If you withdraw your consent, we may not be able to provide certain products or services to you. If this is so, we will tell you.

How to Complain:

Please let us know if you are unhappy with how we have used your personal information. You can do this by emailing us at info@farrerhuxley.co.uk.

You also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office. Find out on their website how to report a concern.

What Are your Rights?

You are entitled to request the following from Farrer Huxley Limited. These are called your Data Subject Rights and there is more information on these on the Information Commissioners website www.ico.org.uk.

  • Right of access – to request access to your personal information and information about how we process it.

  • Right to rectification – to have your personal information corrected if it is inaccurate and to have incomplete personal information completed.

  • Right to erasure (also known as the Right to be Forgotten) – to have your personal information erased.

  • Right to restriction of processing – to restrict processing of your personal information.

  • Right to data portability - to electronically move, copy or transfer your personal information in a standard form.

  • Right to object - to object to processing of your personal information.

  • Rights with regards to automated individual decision making, including profiling - rights relating to automated decision making, including profiling.

If you have any general questions about your rights or want to exercise your rights please contact info@farrerhuxley.co.uk.